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A Trick of the Eyes, 

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When a neighbor's child goes missing, Jesse will confront a new terror that is haunting his neighborhood. But will he be strong enough to overcome this demonic force? "A Trick of the Eyes" is a new horror story you don't want to miss! Subscribe to Michael's Patroen today to get first and exclusive access to new fiction, fantasy and poetry! 


Welcome to the official website and blog for Michael Aaron Casares, author, poet and publisher. Here you will find information regarding projects, news, public appearances, and other writerly items. Please visit the author's blog if you wish to peruse the personal plights of said author, and remain in the know of his existence. There also be other writerly items at his blog, with poetry, short fiction, novel excerpts, and more soon to come. Be sure to check out Michael's publications, and reading gallery if you'd like to read any of his work available on the inter-webs. Thanks for stopping by, and come back and visit soon.

Michael Aaron Casares reading at the Flor de Nopal Literary Festival. Austin, TX. 2014.


A Trick of the Eyes


March 1st!