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About The Distance To The End

Reunited with his estranged lover, Raoul, poet, Nicholas Duke has been invited for a celebratory weekend in Las Vegas with his friends Neville and Gladys Acosta. There are under currents stirring though, as Nick deals with Raoul’s new found love for drugs and excess while trying to control his own attraction to vice. Even Gladys and Neville have a history with illicit substances, and soon all four must find their way through Vegas riding the high of the new American dream: fast fortune and faster living, while gambling against all odds. First in a series of Nicholas Duke novels, The Distance to the End is stimulant-enhanced, literary pop fiction fans of early Burroughs or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas would enjoy.

Sad Height
(as Jacob Gray)
​Virgogray Press, 2005

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This Reality of Man
Michael Aaron Casares
LT Press, 2011

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The Distance to the End reads like the beginning to a grand adventure…

                                                    – The US Review of Books

The Distance To The End shines in a revealing, passionate read that takes the glitzy impersonal backdrops of Vegas, sex, and relationships and elevates them to new levels...

                                                  - The Midwest Book Review

Michael Aaron Casares reading at the Flor de Nopal Literary Festival, 2014.

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